China will become the global Internet center cause good domain names are flowing to China.

2020-03-09 11:49:25
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 China will become the global Internet center cause good domain names are flowing to China.

Great potential Chinese market and the domain names preferred by Chinese enterprises

The rise of mobile internet has led to the increasing importance of domain names, especially the short domain names. With the continuous increase of internet users in China, the development status and trend of Chinas domain name industry has become a topic that many people focus.

At present, China has become the largest country in the global Internet, which is comparable to the development of the Internet in the United States.



The picture shows a group photo of the 8th China-US Internet Industry Forum. At that time, 28 executives from China and the United States participated in the forum.

China's Internet is developing rapidly

Looking around the world, 217 of the top 500 companies are Chinese companies, of which 45 are listed in the top 100 and 5 are listed in the top 10, ranking first in the world in terms of number and valuation. The domain names used by successful Internet companies in China are all very good, so new entrepreneurs have a stronger sense of domain names.

The Pinyin domain name is the most frequently used for Internet companies in China. Because it is very in line with Chinese memory habits and is more conducive to the promotion and dissemination of enterprises in China. Internet platforms like Baidu (,, and Huawei ( have enabled Pinyin domain names.


picture shows the Weibo was sent by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun after purchasing

With the continuous increase of Internet users in China, short domain names have become more and more popular with internet companies in the past five years,. Because of its excellent appearance and more convenient input, such as Tencent (, 58 (, Xiaomi (, Jingdong ( and other well-known companies have enabled short domain names. For Chinese entrepreneurs, enabling short domain names is more like a culture.

Foreign companies have settled in China

Foreign companies have also seen huge demographic dividends in China and have moved their production lines from their countries to China. The delivery in the Chinese market has stimulated Tesla to become the highest-valued car manufacturer in American history and surpassed Ford at its peak. At present, Tesla has a market value of more than 160 billion U.S. dollars twice. Ford's peak value in 1999 was only about 81 billion U.S. dollars. The market value of Tesla now is higher than that of General Motors, German Chrysler before Daimler era and Fiat Chrysler today.

Nowadays, the development scale of domain names is constantly expanding in China. And the annual World Internet Conference is also held in China. It will certainly show a better development trend in the future. This treasure land which pays more attention to domain names naturally gave birth of domain investors. Dai Yue is one of them.

People with the most 2 characters .COM domain names worldwide

Dai Yue is the founder of is the best domain name in the Chinese domain name industry platform. Yuming is equivalent to domain, domain names, or domain name. In 2016 as the most important domain name organization in China, the founder was also invited to participate in the Wuzhen World Domain Name Conference.


Whether he is going out to a party or working in the office, Dai Yue always loves to wear clothes printed with domain names, such as, etc. And there are 6 versions of clothes with the logo of alone. He was called "walking billboards" by those in the industry. And the Chinese media refers to Dai Yue as the "Warren Buffett" of the domain name circle in China.


Dai Yue has been in touch with domain names since 2004. He has been investing in domain names for 16 years and has sold more than 2,000 domain names. 360, Xiaomi, 58, including the well-known digital currency exchange currency group of Hong Kong listed companies, and Okcoin including Bitmain, and INB CAPITAL are all his customers.


In 2016, he opened the world's first coffee shop with the theme of domain name investment, which is located in Zhongguancun, the most developed place of internet in Beijing. Through China's top venture capitalists, outstanding entrepreneurs and domain name investors have been gathered to create a platform for everyone to communicate and tarde.


Dai Yue believes that China's Internet still has a lot of room for development, and Chinese companies' demand for good domain names will be very strong. In the past three years, he has sold more than 10 two characters .COM domain names, with the highest transaction price of 8.6 million dollars. In 2018, Dai Yue spent more than 20 million dollors and acquired 2 characters .COM domain names globally. In addition to the ones that have been sold in 2019, he currently has 16 two characters .COM domain names. According to statistics, he has become the world's largest investor with 2 characters .COM domain names. Meanwhile, he is also the holder of the 3 characters .COM domain names and the 3 characters .CN domain names in China. In addition, he has invested in many domain names related to cryptocurrency exchange as as io domain names, with a total of more than 10,000 domain names under his name.


If in 1956 your parents gave you $ 10,000 and asked you to invest together with Buffet, your funds could have an amazing return of 27,000 times. If in 2004 your parents gave you 10,000 yuan and asked you to invest in domain names with Dai Yue, today you may get thousands of times in return.












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